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About Us

Rum has been a part of the Caribbean culture for centuries. Everyone from Royalty to Pirates has enjoyed its flavors. Most of us have heard of famous Pirate Captains like Blackbeard, Flint, Kid, Charles Vane, Morgan, Black Bart, Calico Jack and others too numerous to mention.

We at  3 Sisters Rum  wish to represent and remember the ruthless Women Pirates that plundered the high seas to claim their booty like, Anne Bonny, Mary Reed, Jacquotte de Lahaye, Charlotte de Berry, Grace O’Malley, Sadie Farrell and Rachel Wall plus others throughout the age of Piracy.


3 Sisters Rum, Inc. is a diversified producer of quality rum under the 3 Sisters Rum label. We are also a developer/designer of exquisite artworks & product line. The recipe for our rum is formulated to be the same quality that is in the country where rum and pirates go hand-in-hand  "Jamaica".


 Our 3 Sisters White Rum    is currently selling in ABC Liquor stores in North Carolina. Our rum was first introduced on February 14th 2019, Valentines Day. 


In 2023, we will be distilling our rum at our new distillery currently under construction in the mountains of Pennsylvania. 

Our 3 Sisters Rum  flavors are inspired by the pirates of long ago consuming rums in the original city long ago submerged by an earthquake into the Caribbean sea. "Port Royal" a Pirate haven, known as the most wicked city in the Caribbean, possibly the most wicked in the Old World. Our flavorful rums can transport you to those times and let you imagine yourself sitting amongst those pirates of days gone by, as they plan their next adventure hoping to increase the size of their booty.

Our  3 Sisters  Spiced Rum &  3 Sisters Aged Rum will be available sometime in 2023.  As time and tides roll on, we will introduce a variety of other flavored rums with distribution throughout the USA. Our Logo will appear on each of our bottles as seen below, to assure the original 3 Sisters Rum  Design - Bottling - Quality.


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