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Full Rear Window Decal

Full Rear Window Decal


See it from the outside - not from the inside!
Window Canvas rear window graphics feature micro-perforated vinyl which has approximately 30% holes and 70% material. Lighting is what makes the whole thing work: the reflection of light off the image provides the illusion of a solid image. On the inside, the black adhesive side absorbs the light and so that the material is easily seen through. If your rear window has opening window built-in (as in photo) you will not be able to open window. It will damage mural. (as is with any mural).


Sizes - we have one that will work for you!
Any of our Window Canvas designs are available in 3 different sizes. By far, the most popular size is 20" x 65", which fits most standard pickup trucks. There is also a 16" x 54" size for compact trucks, as well as a 30" x 65" size for SUV's. Keep in mind that the image can be trimmed to fit, so if one of these sizes is just a few inches too big, it should still fit just fine. Plus, the images are designed so that trimming off the edges will not affect the general feel of the design


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